Your Business and the Law

If you’re running a business, your daily operations will be guided by a number of legalities, some of which you may not even be aware of. Having access to skilled and knowledgeable commercial lawyers will help you navigate unchartered areas knowing that all your legal bases are covered.

Depending on the type of business you’re running, you may be required to adhere to a number of different areas of the law, all of which could have a huge legal or financial impact on your business if you fail to comply.

“Ignorance is no excuse in the law.”

From registering a business as a legal entity, employing staff, and entering into supply, client and lease agreements, to consumer rights, competition law and fair trade requirements, one cannot underestimate the value of good legal advice that will help protect your business interests by highlighting your legal responsibilities and obligations.

The legislation that impacts your business will depend on the size and nature of the enterprise. If you’ve hired staff, you’ll be subject to employment law, there to ensure that employees are treated fairly and that their working conditions and safe and healthy. It also governs other aspects of employment like redundancy, discrimination, leave, termination and minimum wage.

Furthermore, your business will, no doubt, rely on transactions with other businesses or even the wider public, binding you to the tenets of consumer rights and distance selling regulations and, regardless of whether you’re running a business from the city centre in rented office space with a dozen employees or your business consists of you sitting behind your computer in your home office, you will still be bound by legislation in one form or another.

To run your business with confidence, you need to be getting the best advice and representation. Look to appoint a commercial lawyer in your area who:

  • Is accessible and understands your business and business needs;
  • Gives advice that makes sense and that you can understand; and
  • Charges fees that suit the budget for the size and nature of your business.

Having access to and consulting with a skilled commercial lawyer can help you navigate the various aspects of the legal minefield by delivering practical solutions that ensures that your business is dotting all the ‘I’s’ and crossing all the ‘t’s’. Commercial lawyers can help protect your business, your workforce and your financial interests by offering guidance and proactive advice for challenges you may face in the business world. 

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