Why You Need a Drug Offence Solicitor?

When it comes to serious offences, drug cases are one of the topmost in the category. Generally, drug-related offences will require a long-drawn, complex investigation that may actually take a lot of time to investigate as well as prosecute. Hence, hiring a drug offence solicitor in London is much-needed so that you can have a specialist at your service who has the expertise that is required to make sure that you can build your defense against the allegations in the best way possible.

Generally, when it comes to the penalties associated with drug possession, a good drug offence solicitor in London will tell you that it depends upon the quantity of the narcotics being carried and also their classification i.e. whether they belong to the A, B or C category. If you are in possession for Class A drugs then you can face up to 7 years in prison and also can be fined unlimitedly. For Class B drugs the prison time is up to 5 years and even in this case, you can receive an unlimited fine. Lastly for possession of Class C drugs the maximum prison time you can face what is up to 2 years and you can also be unlimitedly fined in this case as well. The only case where you will not be charged is for anabolic steroids, wherein if you possess them for personal use you will not be charged, however, it is still considered a crime to supply and produce them.

When stuck in a situation where you are facing a charge of drug possession it is extremely vital that you have at your disposal a good drug offence solicitor in London. Having legal advice from experts from the very onset is going to ensure that all of your interests are taken care of in the best manner possible and that you have at your disposal the right defense. The truth of the matter is that laws are very strict against anyone who has either been in possession of drugs, intends to sell them or even has allowed their production in their own premises.

When it comes to drug-related crimes you are held accountable for every aspect that is used in connection to the possession or sale of controlled substances. With various penalties for possession and supply of drugs, wherein when charged with supply of Class A drugs you can get a life imprisonment as well as a fine, and when talking about Class B and Class C drugs the maximum sentence you can get us 14 years as well as a fine, you need to be sure that you have the best drug offence solicitor in London at your disposal.

Hiring a competent solicitor who comes with years of experience when it comes to drug-related offences means that you have someone who is quite well versed with representing clients in court and is also good at constructing a foolproof defense, in case the need for it arises. Thus when you hire a drug offence solicitor in London, you will make sure that you are well-advised in this area so that you are not charged with the maximum penalty.

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