Who is a Conveyancing Solicitor?

You may be aware that you need the services of conveyancing solicitors in London, but are you in the full know-how, about what is it that they really do, when it comes to the process of buying and selling homes? Conveyancing Solicitors in London are not solely concerned with just the drawing up of legal contracts or arranging for the transfer or the title to be registered with the Land Registry, they also provide homebuyers with NRI legal services which pertain to legal advice regarding, contract, mortgages as well as other property issues. Conveyancing Solicitors in London conduct a variety of searches through the local authority about the property you are interested in which can help reveal crucial information related to the property, like the boundary disputes, local planning permissions or restraints and also potential environmental factors such as a flood risk. 

Fully qualified Conveyancing Solicitors London are capable of undertaking the conveyancing process on your behalf, as they have wider training and experience in all the aspects of the law. This additional expertise turns out to be really useful if you are dealing with Financial and legal matters other than your property matters at the same time. You can take the example of other NRI legal services such as drawing upon amendment of your will. In England and Wales, all practising Conveyancing Solicitors in London understood with the Law Society and their profession is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority or SRA. Our point to be noted is that the solicitors in Scotland are overseen by the Law Society of Scotland and the conveyancing process they differ from that of Conveyancing Solicitors in London.

There has been a rise and that too a significant one in homeownership since the 1980s, which for the profession and the law meant that conveyancing could also be guided out by specialist lawyers known as a licensed conveyancer. Licensed conveyancers, do not have the same training and the experience in other aspects of law as Conveyancing Solicitors in London, and They are however qualified lawyers who exclusively deal with conveyancing and property law. They do operate under a similar but separate regulatory framework from that of Conveyancing Solicitors in London and articulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, which is responsible for the introduction and maintaining of professional standards in the industry. From first of November 2017, it has been made mandatory that licensed conveyancers need to place a badge on their website that shows that they articulated by the council for licensed conveyancers, apart from this they also need to make sure that their website is a secured one.

When you purchase a new property both Conveyancing Solicitors in London and licensed conveyancers are capable of dealing with the conveyancing process. In fact, for many homebuyers, there is actually little distinction between the services that each provides. The main distinction stands in the fact that if you expect to be seeking legal advice on matters that may not be directly related to the property you have purchased, Conveyancing Solicitors in London should be the option that you must avail. Conveyancing Solicitors in London end up fulfilling all the different draws depending upon whether you are using them for buying or selling the property or even both. Their main role is to make sure that your transaction goes through legally and also to take care of all the small details that are attached to it. Other details like, working our what all is included in buying the property, carrying out all the local searches and also conferring with the solicitors of the buyers/sellers in order to choose the completion date for the transaction are all carried by Conveyancing Solicitors in London. 

It makes absolute sense that you use the same Conveyancing Solicitors in London for both the sale and buying of new property, since a sense or attorney client camaraderie is built up in the process, which will ensure that you get best NRI Legal Services. Hence for all your property related legal needs even if it is about OCI Application in London, can be taken care of by Conveyancing Solicitors in London, in the best – most efficient manner possible.


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