When Should You Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney?


Los Angeles is known to have an enormous motorcycle culture. But, no matter how sophisticated the city is with its motorcycle events, motorcycle accidents can still happen in a blink of an eye. In fact, the City of Dreams incurred 4,493 bike accidents in 2018. And that is precisely why you need to have a local bike accident lawyer’s information handy.

When to hire a motorcycle accident attorney

While you enjoy the sense of freedom in riding a motorcycle, the risk of motorcycle accidents in 2020 is actually high. If by coincidence you rode onto a tree or you miscalculated your turn and got into an accident, then that is not a reason to get a road accident advocate. Any road incident that is basically your fault does not merit a legal case. However, you need a motorbike accident lawyer in these cases:

  • Hit by a car
  • Collision with another motorcycle
  • Defective traffic lights
  • Unclear road signs
  • Damaged roads
  • Debris-covered roads

You need to hire an accident solicitor to make sure that you can hold the city or the other party involved accountable. 

Bike accident attorney by your side

You need to understand that a car accident is way different than a motorcycle accident. Car accidents are usually straightforward, and who’s at fault can be determined much faster. However, in a two-wheel accident you need to prove that you are not responsible for the road mishap. There is a seemingly unvoiced bias when it comes to motorcycle incidents from the authorities, and even from the judges. That is primarily due to the general thinking that bikers are reckless and have less regard of the law.

Additionally, the insurance adjuster may find loopholes to ensure that you don’t get loads of money. And mostly they are fairly confident that you get less compensation because you already know the risks involved. So it’s crucial to have a legal representative, especially under these circumstances:

  • You have serious injuries.
  • There is a need to be absent from work due to physical limitations.
  • You acquired a permanent disability.
  • It’s hard to cope from the trauma, and you suffer from clinical depression and other mental illness.
  • The insurance adjuster is spinning a web of tale that the unfortunate accident is your fault.

And with a bike accident counsel by your side, you can navigate the complexities of the insurance claim process easily. 

Why you should hire a motorcycle accident attorney

Unless you have a law degree, you definitely need to get the assistance of an accident lawyer when you have a road accident. You need to make the city or people responsible for what happened. And someone with the right legal resources is absolutely who you need. 

Legal information

You must understand where you stand, and a reliable accident lawyer can help you figure things out. Legally, you need to know what kind of compensation you can get. And in unclear cases, you must find out if you are the aggrieved party.

Process legal claim

If you are not familiar with how insurance claims goes, then you do need a road accident legal representative. The legal process can eat up your time and money. And the insurance company has a team of attorneys working to save money for their company. And so you must have the legal to fight the battle with you.

Negotiation ally

A settlement negotiation is a battlefield. You will be facing insurance attorneys who have spent decades of their lives in four corners of negotiation rooms. Truth be told, you are no match for the experts at winning the favor against you. And so to even the odds, you need to hire a bike accident lawyer to be your ally.

Court representative

If in case there is no settlement, then your case goes to court. In this circumstance you certainly need a qualified attorney to represent you. The lawsuit can drain your energy, but you have someone with you to lift your spirits up. And in court, your legal representative can voice out your claim and get you the high compensation that you deserve. 

Concentrate on getting better

It is no secret that filing an insurance claim can get ugly legally, and it affects your state of mind. But when you have a competent lawyer with you, you can focus on your treatments. Your attorney can take care of all the legalities of your insurance claim, while you get better.

The need to hire a bike accident counsel immediately

The moment you’re involved in a road accident, you must hire a motorcycle accident attorney immediately. It’s crucial to have the events fresh in your mind when you hire legal representation. And when your accident attorney is with from the start, then your case can be represented efficiently. 

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