When do you need to get your FBI background check apostilled?

US citizens willing to travel abroad generally need to get their FBI background check apostilled. This is a document, that warrants the legality of the FBI report you are showing. This indicates, that you would get your FBI background check certified. The term ‘apostille’ is a French word, which means official certification. It is logical to approach the professional bodies to get the FBI report certified. This would authenticate the legitimacy of the document you are producing.

Particularly, if you are travelling to one of the nations of the Hague Apostille Convention, it is mandatory to get the document verified. For FBI apostille services, you may approach one of the established agents in the industry.

What information does your FBI report contain?

An FBI background check tells a lot about the character and track record of an individual. Based on this, one can get an idea about the possible threats the person may post, if any. Here are some of the aspects an FBI report covers:

  • Military service
  • Federal employment
  • Arrest history
  • Naturalization

In case a person has got any criminal record or arrest history, the document would display the motive, date and disposition. This is applicable even if the charges are dropped or prescribed.

When should you get the report certified?

You need to get your FBI report certified under the following circumstances:

  • In case you are applying for residence in any other country
  • Couples willing to adopt in a foreign nation
  • If you want to work in certain disciplines abroad like government services, that call for security clearance.
  • If you are a worker or student, travelling abroad.

For a seamless experience in getting the document authenticated, make sure to reach out to a professional body. Their knowledge on legalities and norms would help you enjoy a hassle-free path, incidentally saving your time.


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