What to do, when Robinson Way approaches you with a claim for debt settlement?

When it comes to the Credit management companies in the United Kingdom, Robinson Way is one name that truly deserves a special mention. What impresses me the most about this service provider is their unique approach in managing credit. Contrary to the mediocre agencies for debt collection, this agency deals with the debtors with full dignity, and yet they feature an exceptional success rate in realizing the payments from the debtors. The best part about this agency, in my opinion, is that, they show the flexibility to cooperate with debtors to settle the debt, without having to face any issues and hardships.

In the year 2012, Hoist Finance UK acquired Robinson, and today, Robinson is their largest agency for debt collection. Presently, the company is serving some the leading banks, financial companies, as well as credit providers and utility service companies, in addition to various government agencies. Their office is located in the Manchester, and they cover the entire span of the United Kingdom, within  their service framework. My research about the services of this company exhibited the fact that, they are enjoying a close to 100% rate of success in debt recovery. Thus, they enjoy the complete faith and confidence of their clients.

What is the scope of services that this company offers?

Hoist Finance UK is engaged in the business of buying debts from the existing creditors on the basis of instant settlement at a discounted rate. For instance, assume, I have an overdue with one of the utility services company or any financial institution. Hoist would purchase my account from the concerned provider, at a lower rate than the amount outstanding with me. Subsequently, Robinson, as one of the credit recovery agencies under the banner of Hoist will enter into the scene to recover the  amount that I now owe to the company. Once such transactions are made between the original creditor and the Hoist Finance, the erstwhile company will send me a goodbye letter stating such transitions. On the other hand, I will be getting a welcome letter from Hoist Finance, confirming such transition of the debt account.

Now, as my credit is with Hoist Finance, Robinson will start contacting me, initially through letters. If I am not responding to such communications, they might start calling me, or sending me text messages. If is escape such calls and messages, the company will send collection agents to my doorsteps at a later stage.

What I should do, if  Robinson starts chasing me?

First and foremost, once, I start getting communications from Robinson, my initial task will be to recall, if I really owe this amount to the company. Robinson offers the chances to the targeted debtors to dispute about a debt. If  I am sure that, their claim is not authentic, I can request them for details of the debt. In case, it is proved that I never owed the debt, automatically the repayment claim will be forfeited, without any further obligations and responsibilities for such claims standing before me.

However, if the claim for the repayment is found genuine, I will suggest, the concerned debtors should start communicating with Robinson. The best way to stop them from chasing the debtor further is, to settle the claim. However, if the debtor is not in the right position financially to manage the repayment instantly, they should  negotiate for options like partial payments o repayments through easy installments that will make the repayment of the debt affordable for them. Full cooperation and coordination with the debt collection agency will certainly make it easier for the debtor to settle the debt, without any needs to face any hassles.

What are the legal rights of Robinson as a credit recovery agency?

  • As an authorized debt collection agency, Robinson retains the right to send letters, or call and send text messages to the concerned debtor, requesting for a settlement of the debt.
  • They can send their field collection agents to my doorsteps, in case, I am escaping other forms of communications initiated by them. However, they are supposed to send me a letter, intimating about such probable visits by the field agents, prior to sending them to my door steps
  • Robinson, in association with their solicitors, Howard Cohen & Co, can initiate a litigation for the recovery of the debt.
  • In case, they have purchased the debt from the original creditor, they can even design some customized repayment plans as per the suitability of the debtor.
  •  IF Robinson is acting as a recovery partner for the original creditor, they retain the right to take any steps about the ways to recover the debt.
  • In case, situation compels them to drag the debtor to the court of law, it is their right to demand additional payments to cover the expenses borne on legal matters.

What Robinson is not supposed to do with the debtors?

  • Harassing a target individual for the repayment, in case, they have failed to prove the authenticity of the debt.
  •  In  no instance, Robinson is expected to go on calling or sending text messages to a targeted debtor, beyond a fair and permissible extent.
  • Cannot delve into any measures that violates the privacy or the dignity of the debtor.
  •  Never ask the debtor to evacuate their house or hand over the ownership of any assets for the recovery of the debt.

Researching about the policies and practices of this agency, I reached the conclusion that, it will be better, if a genuine debtor works in association and coordination with this agency. They are practical in their approaches about the recovery. If you can establish the point that, you are not in the right financial condition to manage the repayment of the debt up front, Robinson is ready to show the desired flexibility in such genuine instances, helping the debtor to settle the debt, without having to shoulder the burden of up front payment.

Thus, if you are ever targeted by Robinson Way, for genuine debts, rather than running away from them, deal with them in a friendly manner that will make it easier for you to clear your debt. 


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