What is the Amount of Compensation You Can Claim for Anxiety after Your Car Accident

The road traffic accidents often can be devastating and traumatic and can result in extreme psychological impacts for a long period. If you consult an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney, you will be surprised to know that even if you do not have any physical injury, you may be subjected to PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder after your car accident. You may further experience the PTSD or the post-accident state of anxiety for several months or even for years to come. Even in the situation where you did not have any fault for the accident and the accident was caused for the fault of others can result in PTSD and you may suffer from psychological anxiety. In this context, you are eligible to file for psychological trauma claiming along with the claims of personal injury, loss of property and wage loss.

The amount of compensation for psychological trauma after your car accident depends upon various components such as the severity and seriousness of the injury and its impacts on your overall health and wellbeing, its effect on your social and economic life etc. Each case of an accident as well as the level of psychological trauma differs from one case to another and it is difficult to determine a specific amount of compensation for all psychological trauma cases.

However, based on the amounts that are compensated for most psychological trauma cases are estimated as (1) £ 52490 to £ 88270 for severe PTSD cases where the claimant cannot work and have been affected on every aspect of his or her life. This amount is given to those severely depressed people who earned their living by driving and can no more drive for earning a living. (2) £ 20290 to £ 2490 for the moderately severely PTSD cases, (3) £ 7170 to £ 20290 for the moderate PTSD cases, (4) £ 3460 to £ 7170 to minor PTSD cases, and (5) £ 1350 to £ 5130 to travel anxiety psychiatric damages.

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