What are the commonly Filed Compensation Claims?

Have you lost a loved one in an accident? Has the accident been caused by the negligence of the other party? You should rest assured to recover the compensation claim for the life lost of your loved one. If you were a member of the family who has lost a loved one due to an accident, the Austin pedestrian accident lawyer would help you file a claim against the negligent party and the insurance company.

You have the right to file a compensation claim, but how would you know what amount of claim would you be entitled to? This is where you would need an injury attorney. The attorney would be able to handle your claim filing needs along with guiding you about the process and the rights that have been infringed and could be claimed. The claim for wrongful death would be based on your relationship to the victim.

The most common compensation claims that you, as a member of the family of the victim would be entitled to have been mentioned below briefly. Let us delve on them.

Funeral expenses

You should rest assured that the insurance company or the negligent party would be required to provide for the funeral expenses of the victim.

Loss of income

If there has been any loss of income to the family of the victim due to his or her demise, it would be duly paid by the insurance company and the negligent party.

Loss of projected income and assets

The insurance company and the negligent party would be required to pay the family member of the victim the loss of calculated future income that the victim could have earned in his lifetime.

Loss of victim’s guidance and companionship

Despite the compensation amount unable to compensate for the life of the lost family member, the compensation would help the family members to live comfortably without worrying about the source of income to run the house.

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