Cost of Forming an LLC in Texas

Below are steps to form a LLC:

  1. Choose a name for your LLC

Your LLC’s name must comply with your state’s division rules. Although the requirements vary from state to state, they generally:

The name cannot be the same as the name of another LLC registered in the LLC office.

Once you have found a legal and available name, you generally don’t need to register it in your state. When you present the articles of the organization, the name of your company will be automatically registered. So before start-up a business you must know how to form an LLC in Texas

  1. Complete the formal paperwork

After choosing the name, you must prepare and file the “Articles of Organization” with your state registry office. Although most states use the term “article of the organization” to refer to the necessary documentation required to create an LLC, some states call it a “certificate of formation” or “certificate of organization.”

Filing Fees:

One of the disadvantages of forming an LLC instead of a partnership or sole proprietorship is that you will have to pay a filing tax when shipping the articles of organization. In most states, the fees are modest, usually around $ 100.

Required information:

The “articles of organization” are short and simple documents. In fact, you can usually prepare your own report in just a few minutes, filling in the blanks and checking the boxes on a form provided by your state filing office.

  1. Create an LLC “Operating Agreement”

Although operating agreements do not have to be filed with the LLC registry office and are rarely required by state law, it is essential that one be created.

  1. Post a notice of intent

In some states, you need to go one step further to make your business official: You must publish a simple notice in a local newspaper, stating that you intend to form an LLC. You are required to post the ad multiple times over a period of time and then file an “affidavit of posting” with the LLC registry office.

  1. Get licenses and permits

Once you have completed the steps outlined above, your LLC is official. But before opening the business doors, you need to obtain the permits and permissions that all new companies must have to operate.

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