Should I Immigrate To Another Country?

The question is considerably more difficult than most people think it is. For people in North America, the idea isn’t something that’s really considered. The reason why is that most people who live in Canada or the U.S. are content to stay right where they are, but they never think of actually placing themselves in that situation. What if you had to ask yourself if you want to immigrate to a new country?

That’s when things change for people, because people who are anti-immigration only think of the fact that someone is coming into their country. There is a kind of egotism that accompanies that statement because it implies that everyone wants to get into their country. If they left the gates open, some think that everyone in the world would be then sitting in Canada or the USA! Check this link to learn about How can I become a British citizen?

This is, of course, not true, but it does come down to a person’s thoughts on immigration. What would happen if you had to ask yourself that very question?

First, think of what would force you to leave your country. Now, with some people they’re simply moving from England to Australia, but consider the kind of scenarios that are facing many immigrants out there: if you stay where you are, you might lose everything.

This is something to seriously consider when thinking about what immigrants face when going to another country. If you stay where you are, you’re probably facing the loss of your job to start with. That means your finances are going to get tight, and that’s going to happen fast. Next, realize that you’re losing your job because your religion in that country is one that’s being persecuted, so you’re also getting harassed, and so is your family.

Those problems are difficult enough, but now you’re hearing that people of your religion are having their homes taken away from them, because they don’t “deserve” them. Your home is shortly going to be someone else’s property, in its entirety.

Finally, you start to hear that some people from your church have started to disappear, and you could be next.

Even if a person was facing all of these problems, they would still be hard pressed to face the idea of leaving their home country behind, just as we would. The truth is that, even if you were facing these adversities, you wouldn’t want to leave Canada. Why? Because it’s your country.

Now, think of the immigrants that come here. Many of them are in the same position and face everything from adversity in their home country to certain death. Even then, it wouldn’t have been an easy decision to leave the place that they’ve called home all of their lives.

This is why Canada has an immigration process that ensures that every person who comes across the border is given a fair chance to make their case for citizenship in this country. It’s also why there are people like immigration consultants to help them in the process. That’s why we’re lucky that we don’t have to ask ourselves the question that so many refugees have to: Do I have to leave my country?

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