Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney


Insurance policy firms have the resources to hire a lot of skilled attorneys who specialize in defending injury claims. Your lawyer’s skills and experience will play a significant role in the amount of monetary compensation and damage claims you receive.

A lot of personal injury victims don’t know that the most successful lawyers in their community fees, same with what inexperienced legal counsels are charging. These inexperienced attorneys have no record of successful cases in the courtroom.

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Do not make the mistake of hiring an attorney from advertisements alone. Some fraudulent attorneys will settle your claim immediately for whatever amount the insurance policy firm will offer because these companies work on a quick-turnover and high-volume basis.

Every community has a lot of lawyer-wannabe who likes to grab cases and settle it immediately. Their clients will get the lowest possible amount as a settlement, and a high return for the lawyer or the firm’s time investment.

The big question is, how do claimants find an excellent legal counsel for a serious injury lawsuit? Like most significant decisions, people need to do some research on the counsels or firms in their community. When they decide to meet with these professionals to discuss their case, the claimant needs to ask certain questions (and the right one) to determine if the legal counsel has an excellent record of success.

The purpose of this article is to provide people who are looking for legal representation in their case, with ideas that most claimants do not even bother to find out about professionals who handle this type of claim. If you follow the advice in this article, it may make the significant difference between winning the case or going home with less than what the case is worth, or worse, going back empty-handed.

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Some lawyers based their rate on what their fellow lawyers say about them

How do you find an excellent counselor suitable to handle your case? There are sources that people can visit before choosing which attorney to schedule a series of consultations with. One reliable way to do research these professional qualifies to check websites that rate lawyer reviews that are based on their colleagues, as well as their competition, say about them. Make sure to understand that there’s no other rating system for this type of lawyer besides reviews from other attorneys.

Ask these legal counsels, what percentage of their cases are referrals from other attorneys?

Suppose you want to know who are the top lawyers handling this type of case in your area, or what to ask a personal injury lawyer, seek help from people working in the legal industry or lawyers practicing in your area. It is imperative to determine whether a big percentage of an attorney’s cases comes from colleague referrals.

In any profession or field, professionals who work in the industry usually know who is good and who is not. If you have a legal counsel or a friend who is in this line of business, that might be an excellent place to start. Even if they do not handle this type of case, they are bound to have friends or colleagues who are knowledgeable with malpractice or personal injury cases and are recognized by their fellow lawyers as being the best in your area.

Be cautious about attorneys who send solicitation letters to their client’s house following accidents

Recently, there has been an increasing number of counsels that are runners or middlemen to obtain accident reports that are prepared by state and local law enforcers. Once reports are obtained, law firm staff will comb through these reports to find the address, name, or contact number of the victim involved in the case.

In some communities, it is not unusual for victims to receive ten to twenty letters from different law firms. There are law firms in the United States that send solicitations to every traffic accident victim residing in the state where there’s a police report. Some firms will continue to send these letters after initial letters are sent and will even have staff members call the victim and ask if they acquired the letters.


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