Q and A About Family Law, Attorneys, And More

Surely you might have a million questions about what do family law attorneys do, what type of services they provide, and how can one benefit from the services of one. So today, we will be answering certain important and frequently asked questions about family laws and attorneys.

1) How does one legally benefit from a marriage?

A: There are certain federal laws that have definite special provisions for married couples. Right from filing your taxes jointly to creating a marital life estate trust, creating trust funds, survivors benefit, etc. all this is possible and made available to married couples.

2) What is divorce? How does it legally proceed?

A: A divorce is a legal termination of the contract of marriage between two individuals. The legal procedure involves filing for a divorce, post which there will be a legal decision of the assets and debts between the individuals, if there are children or pet, then the custody for the same will be granted to either of the partners given that they are capable of looking after the same. Here, wilmington divorce lawyers can help you with the same.

3) What is a fault-based divorce and a no-fault divorce?

A: A no-fault divorce is the one where the couple mutually decide that the marriage does not suit them in any way and they like to dissolve the same. There is no blaming or accusing done, the divorce settlement is peaceful and the dividing up of assets is done rationally as per the legal rules.

A fault-based divorce is the one where either of the spouses has done something wrong that doesn’t sit well with the other. It can be anything, right from adultery to physical or mental abuse, or even impotence or insanity for that matter. Stating the reason for the divorce is essential in certain cases. The guilty party receives less of the assets and loses the chance of gaining child custody.

4) How does child custody work?

A: Child custody is more likely to be given to the parent who is more capable of looking after them or the parent who demands the same. Various factors affect child custody and should be discussed in detail with a professional.

Divorce and what follows it are quite the legal hassles you need to go through in order to move on. Take professional help wherever necessary.

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