Personal Injuries That You Can Get Insured Against In Edmonton

When you are in Edmonton, you can get help in financial ways with the help of a personal injury lawyer Surrey if you are hurt in an accident. The personal injury hurt the victims in various ways. They can lose their job, can suffer traumatic experiences and may get injured seriously leading to permanent disability. Normally, people buy insurance products for covering themselves against such uncertainties. Still, when insured, they may need a personal injury lawyer for the settlement of claims. 

Here is a list of top three personal injuries types that qualify for the claim:


  • Car Accidents


These are one of the most common reasons that lead to personal injury in Edmonton. Therefore, you need an injury lawyer Edmonton who can tell you about your compensation rights. The expenses related to car repairs and injury treatments can be claimed by understanding your legal rights as an insured person. Also, in case of non-insured person, you can fight the case against culprit with the help of an injury lawyer and get the required monetary help.


  • Slip and Fall Accidents


A person can slip and fall in home or at any business space. The injury caused due to slip and fall qualifies for claim if the incident happens due to negligence of the property owner. For example, when you get stuck in wet floors or unlabeled damaged pathway, you can get the injury claim lawyer on board and sue the responsible person to claim expenses for your treatment or to cover income loss.


  • Dog Bite


Dogs who are unruly and raised in poor training environment by an owner can bite you anywhere. It can happen in a garden, at a friend’s house or even on a street. The dog owner can be made to pay for the emotional and financial stress caused due to this kind of incident with the help of an injury lawyer.

Edmonton Law allows you to file for a claim for the above-mentioned incidents. So, seek the help of an injury lawyer when you need the best advice for winning compensation. 

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