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When purchasing auto insurance, you need to decide which coverage to choose. Among them is legal protection. Useful in the event of litigation with third parties, hit-and-run or insolvency, it will allow you to defend yourself as well as possible. But it will only intervene under certain conditions.

As with the breakdown assistance and towing assistance guarantee, legal protection grants you a refund as well as specific services. Although it is not mandatory, it can save you money in several situations. Especially when you don’t know who to contact and how to manage a loss properly while limiting your expenses. Take help of the Lawyer for car accidents in san antonio here.

The principle of legal protection in auto insurance

The legal protection cover can be added to auto liability, mini-omnium or omnium insurance. As the name suggests, it provides legal assistance. This allows you to first know your rights and then assert them if necessaryand this, as soon as you are involved in a conflict or litigation, whether you are responsible or victim.

Concretely, this guarantee will defend your interests and will initially aim at an amicable settlement of the litigation. This step will avoid many worries because it is your insurer who will be responsible for contacting the other party, discussing with them and, with the help of experts, determining responsibilities and compensation.

No agreement could be reached?

Your legal protection insurer will initiate legal proceedings if it deems it necessary. He will provide you with the appropriate assistance on this occasion and will bear the costs arising therefrom. On the other hand, if, unlike you, he does not wish to bring the case before the judge, you can contact a lawyer of your choice.

Two possibilities will then arise:

The lawyer consulted supports your position, you go to court and can count on the support of your guarantee.

The lawyer consulted agrees with your insurer. In this case, you must pay half of the consultation fees yourself. Do you still want to take legal action? It’s possible ! But you will only be compensated for the costs incurred if you win the lawsuit.

The types of litigation for which it intervenes

Having a legal protection guarantee is of particular interest when liability for the loss must be established.

When the accident report leaves no room for doubt, the insurers quickly agree. However, they may encounter difficulties in the absence of clarity on the circumstances. In such conditions, this guarantee can be requested so that the insurance company can lift the veil on the responsibility of each of the parties based on legal arguments.

In addition, as an insured, legal protection will be useful in at least the following four situations:

You have committed an offense which has caused material and / or bodily damage and are being sued, the legal protection guarantee will take care of your criminal defense and will try to reduce the penalty.

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