How to Avoid a Truck Blind Spot Accident

A commercial truck is a large vehicle and cars need to be careful on the road to prevent any catastrophic accidents because of blind spots. These accidents can cause injuries and even death. In many cases, the occupants of the smaller cars will receive the brunt of the injuries in these crashes. If you have been injured in this type of accident, it’s important to contact a blind spot truck accident lawyer.

Blind Spots on Big Rigs

There are three main blind spots on big rigs that drivers on the road need to be aware of.

Side: The blind spots are notoriously worse on the side. The blind side on the right can be the entire length of the trailer and also be extended into three different lanes. Since this blind spot is the worst, motorists are encouraged to pass trucks on the left. However, it’s still important to note that there is a blind spot on the left.

Front: Since truck drivers are sitting in an elevated cab, it’s difficult for them to see any vehicles in front of them. If the car gets too close to the truck, then the hood of the truck can block the view entirely. The blind spot in the front can be about 20 feet long. If you are merging directly in front of a truck, it can be dangerous and put you at risk for a deadly accident.

Rear: Rearview mirrors aren’t that useful in trucks. If a motorist is following too closely, it can be hard for a truck driver to notice them. It is important to stay far enough behind so the driver can see you in a side view mirror. If you are able to, it’s advised to stay behind about 24 car lengths. This can be a football field’s worth of space.

What if You Were Partially at Fault?

Determining fault for an accident isn’t always black and white. Truck accidents can be caused by a number of different contributing factors. Just because you may be at fault for part of the accident doesn’t mean that you aren’t entitled to compensation. If both drivers were at fault, then whether or not you can recover damages and the amount of damages you can recover will depend on the actual degree of fault.

Since the stakes are much higher for accidents with big rigs, it’s important to work with a blind spot truck accident lawyer. You can be at a disadvantage and may not be getting enough compensation if you are talking to an insurance adjuster without a lawyer. Insurance companies for trucking companies are trained to do everything they can to not pay. Contacting a truck accident attorney Fort Wayne as soon as possible is important.

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