How to Access the Michigan Sex Offender Registry

Gaining access to the Michigan sex offender registry might not be as difficult as you would think. Sex offender registries are in place in order to make civilians aware that there could be registered sex offenders that live near them. The Michigan sex offender laws protect the people that live within the state from possible threats from sexual predators. Lawmakers believe that if the people that live in a neighborhood are aware of the registered sex offenders that live near them, they will have a better chance at protecting themselves and their loved ones from them.

Registered Sex Offender Laws

Since the brutal rape and murder of Megan Kanka in 1994 sex offender laws have become more strict for convicted offenders. Each state has its own laws and regulations that specify the exact fashion that sex offenders are dealt with, however, every state must make sure that convicted sex offenders are registered and tracked as soon as they get out of the facility that they have been incarcerated in.

In most cases, the convicted sex offender will have to provide their current residential address, a photo, and their personal information which will all be added to a database. Every state should have a public access area where people can search for sex offenders by name or address.

Michigan Sex Offender Laws

In the state of Michigan, all sex offenders must register with the local police. Michigan wants to be sure that the released offenders are not a threat to the public. Convicted sex offenders are closely monitored and have several restrictions that inhibit them from being in contact with would-be victims. Registered sex offenders in the state of Michigan are not allowed to spend time in any public places that could give them access to children.

Michigan Sex Offender Registry

The Michigan sex offender registry is controlled by the Michigan state police and is accessible through the Michigan state police department website. Please note that if you visit this website that because of the large volume of sex offender searches the search option will not be available from time to time.

Sex Offender Registries Save Lives

Although some people might argue that having to register personal information is an invasion of privacy, the truth is that a large percentage of the people that are convicted for sex crimes recommit after they are back in the population. It is an extra layer of security when the perpetrators assume that they are being watched. Sex offender registries provide critical information in regards to where convicted sex offenders live, what crimes they have been convicted of, and what they look like. When the citizens of a community join together in order to protect the young and the vulnerable it brings power back to the neighborhoods. With the help of sex offender registries and concerned citizens, we don’t have to allow children to be hurt by sexual predators.

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