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Before choosing a lawyer in Lyon, it is important to ask why you want to use his services. What exactly is your request? Would you like to be simply informed or advised in your steps; or so assisted, defended or represented? In addition, does your application require a particular skill?

If your request concerns a very specific point, it is preferable to call on a specialized lawyer with a specific diploma. You can be assured that your lawyer holds a certificate of specialization (there are 26 different mentions), which means that he has at least four years of experience in his field of specialization. A visit to makes things easy now.

Be aware, however, that a lawyer who does not have a certificate of specialization can, however, have his own special fields. In this case, we will talk about “skills”, not “specialties”.

The Complications

If your problem needs to be dealt with urgently, you must at all costs favor an available lawyer. Moreover, do not hesitate to insist on the imperious nature of your request when you contact it for the first time, to avoid any bad surprise or misunderstanding.

One day, you are unfortunately a victim of a criminal offense or you have to face a dispute with an adversary who shows bad faith. You realize then that only legal proceedings will allow you to defend your interests. Then you wonder how to find a good lawyer.

Find a good lawyer

First of all, you must first check if the lawyer with whom you plan to make an appointment is a member of the bar. To do this check, simply check if it is on the website of the judiciary. This listing demonstrates that it meets the legal conditions of representation that any lawyer has.

  • On the other hand, it is useful to check if the lawyer who seems to you competent is present on the Internet by the website of his firm or by the collaboration to a legal blog.
  • In addition, you should preferably choose a lawyer specialized in the type of problem that you will have to submit to justice. For example, if you are a victim of a crime and you are confronted with a tenant who does not pay his rent, it is advisable to choose a lawyer specializing in real estate law. This choice is especially important if your problem is complex.

A smart solution to find a good lawyer   is to go to an association of people who have experienced problems similar to yours. Indeed, these associations are often in contact with lawyers who have demonstrated their competence in the cases submitted to them.

In addition, to evaluate the competence of a lawyer, you can consult the website of the bar of your city. Know also that a lawyer who has been president of the council of the order or president has a good reputation in his profession, because his colleagues consider it competent.

Last Words

Finally, we must consider the professional expert of the lawyer who offers his services. So, if you have a problem with tax services, do not hesitate to take a lawyer who is a former tax inspector. Indeed, he is well aware of the weaknesses of the tax administrator and will not have much trouble canceling an abusive tax recovery.

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