First Time DUI Charge In Houston: What To Do?

Falling under arrest due to DUI charge in Houston can prove to be extremely costly. The consequences can generally be nasty for you. Even for first-time offenders, there is no mercy. 

The Texas Department of Transportation determines the level of crime and consults with the people of the jurisdiction. After that, you need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Houston. This is the first thing that you will need to do to defend yourself. After that, it will be the duty of the attorney to save you.

  • Attorney Will Investigate The Case

The attorney will talk to you and make a date when you need to meet him. On that day, you will need to tell him about every single detail of the case. It is important for him to know everything. Remember, besides knowing it all, it will be impossible for him to help you, no matter how renowned attorney he or she is. 

After knowing about the things, the attorney will do a field study to know more about what precisely happened. He can visit the incident spot, pay a visit to the Police station, or maybe try to know a great deal from the eyewitnesses. He will continue with his research unless and until he thinks he has enough evidence to defend his client.

  • Attorney Will Analyze The Pieces Of Evidence

Now after the collection procedure completes, the attorney will spend time with them and study them. He will try to figure out all the possible outcomes through which he can save his client. 

  • Staying Connected With The Client

The DWI-DUI Attorney Houston will continue to stay in connection with you until the case resolves. This is necessary because the attorney needs to get regular updates on any minute to a small change in information. However, the entire conversation needs to remain as a highly confidential discussion.

  • To Try And Reduce Punishments

It is one of the duties of an attorney to connect with the prosecutor and try to reduce as much as punishments as he can. The attorney is responsible for doing a plea-bargaining, just in case there is any chance of a favorable deal for his client. He can also try to reduce the span of a sentence, only in case the client has to go to jail.

There is a significant requirement of a criminal defense attorney after you get charges of DUI in Houston. Besides doing this, there lies no chance for you to overcome the matter.

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