Finer Values for the Perfect Personal Injury Cases Now

CPAM has a period of 30 days to decide on the professional nature of the accident. This period can be extended by 2 additional months in case of complex file. With the personal injury – Walton County, GA  you can have the perfect details now.

Assumption and compensation

If the primary health insurance fund recognizes the professional nature of your accident, you benefit from 100% medical and surgical treatment, analysis or pharmacy costs related to your accident, the limit of the rates of the health insurance.

That’s why it’s important to keep the Workplace Accident Sheet that your employer issues to you. In addition to a 100% coverage, it allows you to benefit from the third-party payment and to be exempted from the advance of expenses every time you meet a practitioner in the course of the care related to your accident.

  • Moreover, in the event of temporary incapacity forcing you to interrupt the execution of your employment contract, you benefit from the payment of daily allowances intended to compensate the loss of your income.
  • These benefits are paid every 14 days, with no waiting period and from the first day following the work stoppage, until the date of consolidation or cure.
  • When you are monthly, your base salary is determined by taking into account the last gross salary you received before the date of suspension of your employment contract.
  • The amount of this gross salary is divided by 30.42.

When you are off work accident, the amount of your daily allowances changes during the stop.

So, you can pretend to:

  • 60% of the basic daily wage during the first 28 days, with a maximum amount capped at 193.23 euros (as of 1 January 2016).
  • 80% of the basic daily wage from the 29th day, with a maximum amount capped at 257.64 euros (on 1 January 2016). 

Know that beyond 3 months of stoppage, the amount of your daily allowances can be revalorized in case of general increase of your wages after the accident.

However, the amount of the daily allowances cannot be higher than your net daily wage and must be reduced by 0.5% for the contribution to the repayment of the social debt (CRDS) and 6.2% for the contribution General Social Survey (CSG). Is recognized as an accident at work, the death of an employee suffering a heart attack at the time and place of work 

If at the end of the consolidation, you have a permanent incapacity for work, you can benefit from a capital allowance or an industrial accident annuity. A disability rate is then determined by the CPAM’s medical advisor.

What is the amount of the permanent disability pension?

If the work accident causes the death of the employee, his family (spouse, partner, partner linked by a PACS, children), can benefit from an annuity.

Effects of the judgment on the employment contract

When you are stopped for an accident at work, your employment contract is suspended for the duration of the work stoppage.


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