Few Common Types of Weapons Charges In Indiana

The firearm laws of Indiana are the least restrictive laws however, don’t assume that you can possess, buy, or carry an unlimited number of rifles, handguns, or shotguns.

You will find numerous regulations that you must adhere to if you own a gun for avoiding any criminal charges. Often by transporting a handgun incorrectly or accidentally in your vehicle or carrying your gun without a license onto public property, you may face misdemeanor charges.

In few more serious incidents, e.g. having your handgun very close to any school, also you will be convicted.

You must seek legal advice immediately in response to any charges of gun possession from any gun charges lawyer in Evansville. At Thomas Law, a strong defense lawyer will be provided in Indiana against any weapons and gun charges. If you or any of your friends are charged for any kind of offense related to weapons or firearms then you can get legal help.

Gun laws are often confusing even to any most law-abiding owner or most conscientious user of firearms. One can easily lose track of various regulations and requirements, as that is often shifting due to public conversations regarding gun violence.

When you are ever found to be carrying or possessing a handgun/firearm by violating Indiana laws, you can face serious penalties or possible felony charges in some instances. In case you are sentenced to any kind of offense with your handgun/firearm, the possible consequences that you may face may include:

  • Significant fines
  • A jail/prison sentence
  • Loss of the right to own any firearm or handgun
  • There can be a permanent criminal record against you that may affect your future possibilities of employment or ability to renting a place for living
  • Denial or loss of your professional license to take work as a doctor, teacher, lawyer, nurse, or any other licensed professional
  • You may be denied a green card, an immigration visa, citizenship, and you may be deported to your country in case you are not a citizen of the USA.

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Indiana firearm offenses

Most gun-rights lawyers so far have handled many different types of charges related to the firearm that includes:

1.     Brandishing a weapon

If you intentionally point your firearm at any other person then it is illegal.  However, if you are an officer in the Police or you have a justified reason like self-defense against a criminal or someone attacked you at night by intruding on your home, then this will not apply.

The charge of brandishing a weapon is called a Level-6 felony, which is punishable between 6 to 30 months of incarceration and also fines maximum up to $10,000. In case, your firearm at the time was not loaded then you may face only a Class-A misdemeanor.

2.     Obliterating identification marks

Changing, altering, obliterating, and removing the maker’s name, serial number, model, or any other identifying mark present on your handgun and possessing a handgun having such an alteration or carrying any gun, which was scrubbed clean are prohibited.

If you are found knowingly or intentionally doing any of the above then Level-5 felony will be charged against you.

3.     Possessing a gun near school grounds

You can always be charged for knowingly/intentionally possessing any firearm in a school, on any school bus, or on school property, with a Class-6 felony unless you are entitled to.

4.     Giving false information

While purchasing a gun or applying for your license, always provide complete and exact information to your seller.

If you provide false information on the form to buy or getting the delivery of any firearm or trying to apply for your license for carrying a handgun or submitting any false evidence about your identity, then also you can be booked for a Level-5 felony charge.

5.     Possessing any prohibited weapon

As per different Indiana statutes, possessing or owning certain weapons is illegal such as

  • Armor-piercing handgun ammunition
  • Biological and chemical weapons
  • Knives having detachable blades
  • Machine guns
  • Nuclear weapons.
  • Sawed-off shotguns
  • Switchblades

Your level of charge for carrying a prohibited weapon will be based on your type of weapon. Possessing certain knives unlawfully may also lead to certain misdemeanor charges.

Possessing a loaded or unloaded machine gun, however, will be a Level-5/Level-4 felony.  Level-4 felony will be punishment between 2 and 12 years prison and with a fine of $10,000.

6.     Carrying/possessing an unlicensed handgun

The law of Indiana permits individuals to carry their handguns either concealed or openly on their person only when they have got a valid license. You may also carry your guns in your vehicles with a proper license. However, not having a license can be criminally charged, except under particular circumstances.

You need not carry your license when:

  • You are carrying the gun on any of the private property, which you may own, rent, lease, or control legally
  • You carry your gun while being legally present on some other private property who may own, rent, lease, or control legally, and you also have the consent of the property owner, attending any gun show, firearms expo, or gun club, or receiving firearms related services like modification or repair.
  • The handgun is present in your vehicle, must not be loaded, secured within a case, and not readily accessible.
  • You can carry your gun while present lawfully in the vehicle of someone else when your gun is not readily accessible, not loaded, and secure in your case.
  • Also, you may carry your gun at any shooting range, attend any firearms course, or hunting legally.

If all these circumstances are not applicable, then you will surely be convicted with a misdemeanor of Class-A that is punishable by a maximum of 1 year of jail and also a fine of $5,000.

If the offense however was committed after 1st July 2014, and it was committed either on or near any school property or school bus, then the offense will be a Level-5 felony that is punishable by one to six years in jail and also a fine maximum of $10,000.

If you are ever charged for any kind of offense related to a firearm then it is a serious matter and without waiting, you must consult your lawyer.

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