Effect Of Social Media On Divorce

Over the years, there have been cases outlining the negative effect of social media on marriages. Studies have shown that people who spend considerable time on social media tend to experience more conflict with their partners. Research shows that there’s usually a link between social media and marriage quality. However, while studies talk about the effect of social media on marriages, only the top divorce lawyers in MA can explain the effect of social media on divorce. When posting on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more, you can quickly get in trouble with the court. It is vital to think critically before posting on social media during a divorce case. This article touches on the effect of social media on divorce and verdict; let’s begin.

How social media affects court image 

Your social media paints a clear picture of you to the public, and that includes the court. When you’re in a family law court, you try to establish an image of yourself to the judge through evidence. Your social media image must be in sync with the image you portray in the court. The top divorce lawyers in MA inform you that you shouldn’t post things that damage your image. Everything you post on social media comes under scrutiny in court. That’s why caution is vital during this period.

How social media affects child custody

When you’re seeking child custody, the top divorce lawyers in MA seek out evidence to show your kid will be secure in your hands. That’s why your social media image also needs to reflect that you’re reliable and matured. If your social media image does not reflect this, it could potentially harm your custody case. That’s why during a divorce, posting dunk pictures or posts about legalizing hard drugs should show up on your accounts. Such posts will always come up against you and benefit your spouse.

How social media affects alimony

If you seek alimony in a family law court or your spouse wants alimony, there is a need for caution on social media. Refrain from posting expensive expenditures like pricey jewelry, luxurious cars, or receipts of costly vacations. Such posts show that you have enough money to pay for such alimony or you don’t need it. Your social media pages should reflect a regular lifestyle, not necessarily one that reflects poverty.

Social media and relationships in a divorce

If you started dating during a divorce, you should refrain from posting pictures or videos of yourself and your new spouse. While a divorce case could take a short while to conclude, it could also drag out. Wait until the process is over before posting. Chances are you have your whole life to do exactly that. Most spouses during a divorce pick issues with their husband or wife’s new love interest during a divorce.

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