Did you know the Qualification of an Injury Attorney?

Generally speaking, the Attorney is a person who is appointed to act for another in business and especially legal matters. In legal matters, he/ she is a person who is quality plus licensed to represent a client in courts. In India, they are also known as advocates or barristers or solicitors. Every advocate or solicitor is a lawyer but every lawyer is not the attorney. It’s because a lawyer is someone who is qualified in the field of law and can provide legal aid to their clients but cannot represent their clients in a court of law.

A personal injury attorney is a person who renders legal services to their clients in the court of law. Clients need them whenever they get physical or psychological injuries because of the negligence on the part of another third party. These can be a company or a firm in which they are working, government, or any other party. The field of law in which they work is called the law of tort or law of torts.


Their qualification revolves around the qualification to practice law in the jurisdiction, in which they practice. But in some of the states, written ethics examinations need to be cleared by them as a qualification.

  • The common claims of the law of torts are
  • Injuries of slip and fall accidents
  • Traffic collisions
  • Defective products on the end of consumers
  • Workplace and office injuries
  • Professional malpractices

Auto Accident Attorney

He is a person who provides legal services to their clients in the court of law in case of traffic collisions and motor vehicle accidents. Whenever a motor vehicle collides with another motor vehicle or pedestrians, stray animals or other non-living obstructions such as dividers, polls, trees, barricades, footpaths, it falls under the area of law known as a motor vehicle or auto accident. These accidents often bring injuries or even death or property damage along with the financial injury to the individuals, societies, and government.


There is no specific education needed. All they need to do is clear the bachelor or master’s degree ( if needed ) in law plus registration in the concerned bar council.

Final words: 

This area of law doesn’t need any specialization in the specific area field of law. One can deal with their clients in case of trials of claims in the court of law after getting a basic qualification in law with the license to represent their clients in courts.

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