Child Custody Tips for Fathers 

In the past, the courts always considered mothers to have more rights to the children so mothers always have a higher chance of obtaining child custody. However, nowadays, things are changing, and many fathers are now able to successfully gain custody of their children. The following are 6 ways to enforce your parental rights to build a strong case for custody.

  1. Develop a Positive Relationship with Your Children

You should do your best to build an intimate relationship with your children even when your kids are not living with you after the divorce. You can make use of the visitation time to take your kids out for a meal, go to the cinema, or take a walk in the park. You can sit down to help them with their homework. Spending time with your kids can make them feel more secure.

  1. Maintaining the Child Support Payments

You should keep paying the child support payments no matter if you are looking for joint custody or sole custody. It shows that you care for your children and want to make sure that they have everything they need.  The receipts for the child support payments should be retained as proof to the court. If you are having difficulty making payments, you can submit a change request to the court. Since it requires a new court order, you should seek help from child custody lawyers Scottsdale AZ to help you in the matter. He will be able to obtain a new order for a new support amount.

  1. Be Presence in Your Child’s Important Moments

Being there in your child’s important moments show that you are serious in your duty as a parent. The important moments could be sports games, birthday parties, and report card day. This can be evidence that you have an intimate relationship with your child. If you are busy in your job, you can develop a schedule to set aside time for your child on these important days. It will help you to follow up on the progress of your child and build a strong relationship with him.

  1. Be Polite in the Courtroom

When you are in the court, make sure to show respect and speak politely to the judge. Vulgar words should not be used in your sentence if you want to win favour from the judge. The attitude you demonstrate will be used in determining whether you are fit to get custody. So, if you have any negative feelings, you should hold them back.

  1. Customized Space for Your Kids at Home

In your house, you can set aside a space for your kids. In this way, they can have their own space when they come over to your house during the visitation time. The judge is interested in knowing what type of accommodation you have provided for your kids in the custody hearing. You will need to make some preparation to have a good response to the inquiries.

  1. Seek Advice from Someone Who Has Been There

You can get advice from someone who has successfully fought child custody before. An experienced child custody lawyer will be able to give you advice on how to behave. He can guide you on improving your relationship with your child. He can also assess your home and your relationship with the child so that you know where you are at in your progress. A child custody lawyer can help you as he is familiar with the custody proceedings.

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