Car Accident Settlement Process in Texas and Timeline

Car accidents are very common in Texas, but what should not be common is you paying for the damages caused by someone’s negligence while driving. Do you have insurance? Is it necessary to report a car accident in Texas? Can you ask for compensation from the at-fault party? Several questions might be bothering you while you are examining the dent on your car. You need not worry, here is everything you need to know about the car accident settlement process in Texas and how much time it will take.

Is it compulsory to report a car accident in Texas?

Yes, it is required. You need to file the Crash Report (form CR-2) within the ten days from the accident as the accidents are not investigated by the police if they are not resulting in injury, death or any damage to the property which is not greater than $1000. If there is any injury or damage to the property or loss wages, you can also hire a personal injury attorney to file a case on the party at-fault.

Start by taking note of the personal information of the other drivers such as their vehicle number, insurance information, names and contact info of any witnesses if there are. You need to take a note of the weather condition at the time of the accident, and also take photographs of the vehicle. Also, don’t take responsibility for the accident, as there is a lot to be taken into account to decide whose fault it is.

Car Accident Settlements in Texas

If you have gathered enough evidence to support your case, people will be more open to going for a settlement without involving the court. You can use witness statements, police reports, and other documents to build your case stronger. Also, even if you have a lawsuit underway, you can demand settlement outside the court. A good car accident attorney will help you understand what will be the right thing to do. He/she will also estimate the compensation you are liable for asking the party at-fault after seeing the damages and taking the expert advice on your case.

Timeline for the Car Accident Lawsuit in Texas

If the insurance company doesn’t agree with the claim, you can file a lawsuit. However, if you are willing to put a personal injury or property damage lawsuit, you have two years from the date of the car accident.

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