5 Times You Need an Estate Probate Lawyer

Estate planning is serious business, one that can make for a daunting task when you are acting as an executor of a loved one’s money and possessions. A wrong word or missing signature can have a huge impact on the intent of a will or trust. While some estates can be administered without seeking professional help, there are circumstances that may require the administrator to hire an attorney. This is why it is essential to know when to hire an estate probate lawyer.


Sometimes it will be necessary to have legal documents prepared to fulfill the needs of the deceased or help heirs arrange the inheritance. Preparing disclaimers and deeds will require legal expertise. In case a business is involved, the probate process is bound to be more complex, making it important to seek legal guidance. The lawyer will ensure all legal documents required are in place before dissolving or transferring ownership.


After the death of an estate owner, probate issues can arise, causing tension and in some cases ugly disputes among heirs. To avoid arguments and accusations that can tear the family apart, you should consider hiring a lawyer. The expert will find ways to mitigate the situation, help the parties resolve the conflicts, and preserve family harmony.

Court proceedings

In the event that someone challenges the will,or the estate documents are unclear, you may need a court to intervene. You will need a lawyer to present the will and other estate documents in court. The lawyer will also present your case before the judge and ensure your legal interests are protected throughout the process.

Outstanding debts

A non-professional executor will settle debts easily if there is enough money in the estate to pay all the outstanding debts. However, if the assets are not enough to pay off debts and other administrative expenses, decisions will have to be made on how to handle the debts. Since the law gives some creditors priority, it would be important to seek legal advice.

Tax issues

An estate must file an income tax return even after the owner passes away. While an administrator can file the return, more complicated tax issues may require that you hire a lawyer. The legal expert will not only explain the technical issues but may also help in resolving disputes with the tax authorities.
There are many other times that you may require legal guidance or assistance. When you need help handling your case, do not have time or your name is on the line, you should consider hiring a lawyer. However, it is important to work with an experienced estate probate lawyer to ensure a smooth process and resolve conflicts as amicably as possible.

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