5 questions you must ask your family attorney

When you have a crucial family issue to resolve, you must choose the right family law attorney to represent you properly and ensure that you get the justice you desire. Family law is complicated, so you cannot be carefree when looking for a family attorney to represent you. Meanwhile, when you finally found a family law attorney you want to hire for family issues such as adoption, divorce, child custody, spousal support and parenting plan modifications, among others, these are five crucial questions you must ask to enable you to choose the right attorney.

  1. How Long have Practiced As a Family Law Attorney?

Family law is complicated and requires expertise, which results from several years of practice and different kinds of cases. Ensure that the attorney you want to hire specializes in family law. If you face a divorce case, hiring a family law attorney that focuses on divorce will be a step in the right direction. The attorney will undoubtedly be exceptionally on top of the game.

Meanwhile, the number of years the attorney has practiced matters, pay attention to it.

  1. How many similar cases have you handled?

Usually, the attorney will tell you that he or she has handled many similar cases. But you should ask specifically about the number of cases that have peculiarities like yours. Knowing how well the family law attorney has handled similar cases can boost your confidence that you would smile when your case is over. You need to be sure that the attorney can handle the uniqueness of your case professionally.

  1. Generally, how soon can you respond to emails and phone calls?

Knowing how long it takes your potential family law attorney to respond to your emails or phone calls is crucial. You may need to communicate with your attorney concerning an essential and urgent issue; it would be perfect if he or she can reply to your email or return your phone call within 24 hours. However, ask to know the timeframe within the attorney usually responds to emails and phone calls to know what to expect.

  1. Will another person be assigned to work on my case? Do they have the experience and understanding of the peculiarity of my case?

It is usual for family law attorneys to have a team of other lawyers working with them when working on complex cases. If your case requires working with a team, it would be best if the family law attorney informs you. If the attorney recommends working with other professionals, ask how experienced they are. Do not take anything for granted.

  1. What is the estimate of the charge for my case?

Please do not agree to work with a family lawyer until you have been informed about their charges and how the payment is structured. Ask if they work on a flat fee or a retainer. Ask about other costs that may be involved in your case.


The above five questions are fundamental to hiring a family law attorney for your case. You may need to contact about three or more attorneys to choose the one best suited for you.

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